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Stay Cool On The Go With Ventless Portable Air Conditioners

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These days with the advent of AC it’s almost impossible to imagine living without air conditioning anymore.  But you’re not always able to take your AC with you, and you’ll find that under some circumstances you’re forced to live without it because not every hotel has an AC system in place.  But typically, you can avoid having to live that way with the right types of ventless portable air conditioner.  You’ll find that a portable AC device is going to allow you to take control, and ensure that you can stay cool literally anywhere.

But choosing the right one can be hard, as they have all different sizes, as well as all different power levels so that they can be made to cool different types of homes. You’re going to find that choosing the right type of ventless portable air conditioner then becomes a matter of ensuring that you have the right size to make them easy to transport, in addition to easy for you to cool an entire room.  So here’s what you need to know when it comes time to go shopping:

Just How Do They Work?

You’ll find that a major question you may have about portable air conditioners vent free is just how they are actually able to do this without a traditional vent. You’ll find that they actually do still need to be hooked up to an outside air source, but they are instead made to attach to any window in a flash, instead of needing a full permanent installation.  They come with a handy attached hose which can easily attach to the outside and then suck air inside that the device can then use for transmitting throughout the room or the house as well.

Select the Right Size

There are two concerns here, on the one hand you have to find the smallest type of ventless portable air conditioner that is easy for you to carry along with you.  Remember that portable is a relative term here, and while they are made to transport easier with a compact size and lighter frame, they are still pretty heavy and complicated for you to heave about. But they do usually also have wheels which can make the process a bit easier, and is handy for you in the end.

However, you also need to ensure that they still have enough power, which can be a problem with some ventless portable air conditioners when you buy them. You have to pay careful attention to their BTU setting, because if you don’t have enough power then you’re not going to be able to cool a larger sized room if you’re going to be there for a while.

A Word About Environmental Friendly Purchases

You’ll find that some types of ventless portable air conditioner systems are really not the environments best friend, and you can do a lot of damage when you’re not buying the right type.  That’s why instead of going with the types that feature harmful refrigerants, why not instead go with one that works almost like a dehumidifier. These pull out moisture from the environment, and utilize the evaporation process to supply a cooling effect that blows throughout the room.  It still works to cool, but is so much healthier for the earth.

They Do Have Some Disadvantages

Any type of ventless portable air conditioner is only going to be able to keep one room cool at a time, so if it’s the house’s only air conditioner then you’re going to have some issues with the rest of the home being too hot.  You’ll also find that they are pretty expensive to run because of the amount of power that they require, so long term use is not advised or else they can really run up your power bill in a hurry.

Where to Buy

Getting the right type of ventless portable air conditioner isn’t hard, as you’ll find that they are a lot more common these days than they have been otherwise.  That means stores all over the place are going to have them, and you can typically find some options shopping at retailers like Sears that specialize in the big electronics.