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Small Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units. Wall, portable, Trane, and more information.

When you’re looking for climate control on a small scale in your home, all you really need are small air conditioners.  These are ideal for smaller homes, or just for cooling individual rooms.  For example, if you have trouble sleeping in the heat, but it doesn’t seem to bother you at any other time, a unit that you can use in your bedroom can be a great investment.  Of course, the right type of small air conditioners can also be vital when you’re looking to cool a trailer, or some other type of vehicle that you’re planning on taking with you while you travel.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right type, to give you that climate control that you really want.

Of course, with any type of small air conditioners, the first thing you want to think about is ensuring that they have enough power to cover the entire area that you’re looking to cool.  The power of a device like this is measured by BTUs, and that will tell you the range that they can keep cool successfully.  For example, the scale starts at about 5,000 BTUs, and that’s enough to cool around 150 square feet of space.  Buying small air conditioners that aren’t powerful enough for the size of any room, will mean that they just won’t be effective.  The cool air is not going to carry far enough, and you’ll find that you can only remain truly cool when you’re sitting right next to your window unit.

What’s more, you also want to purchase the type of small air conditioners that are going to be the most convenient for you.  The gold standard that is in use in homes as well as motor homes across the country, is always going to be window units.  These are special types that sit right in any window, and are capable of pulling in air, and treating it so that they blast cool air right into any structure.  This way, you actually cool any type of room or structure, and ensure it’s much more comfortable for you to actually sleep or even just relax in.  However, they aren’t always ideal for traveling, as they do take some setup time, and aren’t always easy to get installed and ready to go.

For that reason when you’re looking for the quick fix, the ideal small air conditioners you want are going to be of the portable type. These are special devices that are basically window units on wheels, so that you can roll them anywhere in your home that’s convenient.  They pull in air using a window kit, which is basically a long hose that’s attached to the back of the device, and that can be used for sucking in air and redistributing cooler air throughout your home.  They are extra convenient because of their more compact and easier to carry shape, but also for their easy rolling motion as well.

Of course, when you’re going to be shopping for any kind of small air conditioners, your first stop should always be an appliance retailer of some sort. Through retailers like Sears and also Lowe’s, you can find any type of device you could need to cool your spaces the way that you want.