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Mini Split Air Conditioner

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A mini split air conditioner can be a great way to keep a room cool, all throughout the summer season.  When it’s hot outside, chances are it’s going to be even hotter inside.  For that reason, you’ll want to ensure that you always have a way to keep cool, under any circumstance.  Sleeping in hot conditions can be uncomfortable, to just plain impossible for some people, for that reason you’ll want to strongly consider purchasing a mini split air conditioner, to keep any room at a comfortable temperature, all season long.

Any mini split air conditioner works in the same way that a ductless system would function.  You’ll have two separate units, one that’s responsible for pulling air in from the outside, and the other that actually disperses the cooled air into the room in question.  However, unlike large home ductless systems, a mini split air conditioner is only suitable for cooling one room at a time.  This means they will only be effective for small spaces, and aren’t a good alternative for entire homes.  But they can still be more convenient, and even more energy efficient as standard window units.

The main thing will simply be finding the right mini split air conditioner for your room.  That means figuring out the size that you need, so that you can keep your room cool, successfully.  This is very important, as different sized rooms may have different power requirements.  Air conditioner power is measured in BTUs, and the higher the BTU count, the more area that you can cover.  For example a 5,000 BTU conditioner is only capable of covering an area of 150 square feet.  Whereas a larger 12,000 BTU unit is capable of covering 500 square feet.  For that reason, you have to match your mini split air conditioner to the room in which you’ll be using the device.

Also, you may want to consider professional installation for your mini split air conditioner.  Installing one in your home can be difficult, as it entails installing an outdoor unit, and then running a miniature duct through the wall, so that both devices will be interconnected.  Unless you’re fairly proficient in minor construction, this can be a difficult process to completely successfully.  Especially when you consider that the indoor unit itself will need to be wall, or ceiling mounted, in order for you to receive the best results.  While it may be a little more expensive, having your mini split air conditioner is usually most definitely worth the hassle.

When it comes to buying a mini split air conditioner, you’ll find that there are several options at practically any home appliance store.  Whether you shop at Sears, or Best Buy, you can find the perfect unit for your home, without a problem.  However, you may want to consider going through an air conditioner service, simply because they will be able to provide a wider selection of appliances, as well as the professional installation you may be looking for, in your home.  While a service may be a little more expensive, you’ll have the convenience of a mini split air conditioner you need for your room, with professional quality workmanship to boot.