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Indoor Air Conditioner Options: Choosing The Right Way To Stay Cool

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When you’re looking to keep the weather comfortable inside when it’s really hot outside, chances are you’re going to need some type of indoor air conditioner.  That means buying the right type of AC that can provide you with the type of indoor comfort and cool that you really need when it comes to escaping the hot humidity the summer always brings.  You’ll find that there are actually several different ways that you can stay cool too, and each one of them is going to have their advantages and disadvantages.

It’s these two factors that you’re going to want to weigh up when you’re looking for the right type of AC devices, so that you can ensure you have coolness that you can count on.  Buying the right indoor air conditioner is a process, and it’s a matter of exploring what’s out there, so that you can choose just the type of device that’s going to be able to keep your home appropriately cool:

Window Air Conditioners

This is one of your most common room air conditioner options, and it’s easy to just stick almost anywhere into a window on the premises and then have cool air that you can count on.  They work with a  cool internal fan device that’s able to suck in air from the outside and then cool it utilizing a special type of refrigeration technique, then dispersing it throughout the room.

The disadvantage of this sort of indoor air conditioner however, is that they can only cool one room at a time.  So if you have several rooms throughout the home that you need to keep cool, you would have to buy several units which is a huge pain, and that really costs a lot if you have a larger house, or just several rooms that you want to have covered with cool air.

Central Air Systems

This is one of the more common methods that’s been in use more recently, because they work almost in the same way that a furnace would do. You’ll find that you actually get cool air spread throughout the entire house from one really powerful machine that’s capable of sucking in a lot of air at any given time and then forcing it throughout the entire property.

However, there is a massive downside to indoor air conditioners like these, and it is that they are energy hogs.  You’ll find that while heating in the winter is a pain because you burn gas or oil and that’s really expensive, the same is true when it comes to the electricity that you burn with central air.  Get used to a really high electrical bill, if you want to be able to keep the whole house cool.

Evaporative Air Conditioners

If you’re after something a bit more environmentally friendly than standard AC can be, then this is the option that you want to look to.  What you get out of evaporative coolers is a unique system by which moisture is pulled from the environment, and then actually forced to evaporate.  This process automatically naturally creates a cool air reaction, which is then used to cool the air the machine pulls in, which is then transmitted to the outside.

But the disadvantage here is that they just are not as powerful as normal types of AC.  That means this is the sort of indoor air conditioner that can be good for mild climates which don’t have a lot of hot weather, or it can be good for protecting you while you’re working at a desk.  But they really are not going to go very far beyond that.


While not indoor air conditioners in the strictest sense, they really can have a fantastic cooling effect.  You’ll find that in the home especially one of the things that makes the environment feel so much more warm is actually when the area is particularly humid.  But you can avoid and combat this by then instead using a dehumidifier.  What that’s going to do is actually take the moisture out of the air, so that you can feel instantly cooler.

However, there really is no cooling effect, so you’re only working with what you’ve got.  It will still be 85 degrees in your home, just not a wet 85 degrees, so that’s not always the solution you really need to get the cool air ball rolling.