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Free Standing Air Conditioner

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Many people live in locations where on occasions the weather can get hot and uncomfortable for short periods of time. While it may not be cost effective to install full air conditioning units, it may be that during the worst of the heat a way of cooling a room in your home is required. In these cases a free standing air conditioner can be a good choice.

A free standing air conditioner is typically a portable unit that can be used to cool a room. While they do not need to be mounted, as is the case with a window or wall unit, they do typically still have to be vented through a hose. However this is easy to do by placing them near a window and the hose can either be put through a window that is slightly open or a simple kit can be used to install the hose in a window.

The size and power of a free standing air conditioner can vary. This will typically affect their cooling capacity and this can be identified by the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating for a device. It is important to try and get an air conditioner that is appropriate for a room size. If it is too small it will not effectively cool the room and if too large it may not dehumidify properly leaving the room feeling a little clammy. Typically a unit with a 7500 BTU rating can cool an area of around 1,200 cubic feet and one with a 14,000 BTU rating can cool a room of around 4,000 cubic feet. Before you purchase, check the area of the room or rooms to be cooled and pick an air conditioner of an appropriate size.

There are a few advantages to using air conditioners which are free standing. As they are portable they can be moved from room to room as required. This means you can use it in the lounge during the day and in the bedroom at night. One unit can therefore be enough to keep you cool during the hotter weather and this can be moved around to wherever it is needed.

There are a few different models of free standing air conditioner on the market with some of the manufacturers that produce these including DeLonghi, Soleus, Sunpentown, LG Electronics and Danby. These companies produce a range of air conditioners with varying BTU ratings and are good manufacturers to look to for a unit.

There are a number of outlets that have free standing air conditioner units for sale. Home improvement stores are good places to look with Home Depot and Lowes having a wide range to select from. Other retailers to consider include electrical stores such as Best Buy and discount retailers such as Walmart. The cost for air conditioners which are free standing will vary depending on the size of the unit, BTU rating and features it includes. More affordable units can cost around $250 to $300 with expensive units typically costing $600 and greater.

If you need to cool a room or rooms in your home on an occasional basis then a free standing air conditioner can be a good choice. They are easy to install, with no mounting work required and are simple to use. Their portable nature means they are also easily moved around. This means they can be used in more than one room and this makes them a cost effective solution for your cooling needs.