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Ductless Air Conditioner

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When you’re looking for an easy way to install central air in your home, without having to worry about the hassle that comes with split systems, a ductless air conditioner is the perfect solution.   These feature a much more simple installation, and can also be much cheaper in the short term.  Plus they are just as effective as any other central air system, for cooling all of your rooms simultaneously.  You’ll be able to ensure that your rooms are cooler, and much more comfortable during the hot summer days, without the hassle of a split duct unit.  The main thing will simply be finding the right ductless air conditioner for you, and your home.

The way that a ductless air conditioner works is by using a system of interconnected AHUs, or air handler units.  This differs from a split duct system, which works by using ducts installed throughout your entire home, that are also connected to one master air handler unit.  The ductless air conditioner system is easier to install, as you won’t need to tear apart your walls to have large metal tubes put in.  Instead the only complicated installation comes from having to run refrigeration tubes throughout your walls, into the master unit outside.  This way the cool air will run directly to each AHU throughout your home, so that cool air is circulated to each room.

Another important aspect to investigate, is how much you can expect to pay in long term cost.  This is important, as your ductless air conditioner will continue to cost you money, throughout your long term use of the system.  This is because they run off of electricity, and depending upon the type you choose, they can be very expensive to keep working throughout the summer season.  The amount of energy required is determined by the ductless air conditioner’s SEER rating, and the lower the number the more energy that the unit consumes.  That means you’ll want to avoid low SEER ratings, but especially units with no rating at all, as those will cost you the most in the long term.

Also,  you’ll need to figure out the type of ductless air conditioner that will work for you, as not every type is the same.  You’ll need to find a ductless air conditioner that will successfully cover the entire area of your home.  For this, you’ll need to determine the correct amount of BTUs that the unit puts out, so that your entire home will remain perfectly cool.  You can do this by determining the amount of square feet your home encompasses, by referring to the deed of floor plan of your house.  Typically around 9,000 BTUs is required for homes of 500 square feet or less, so you’ll want to ensure that the unit is powerful enough for the size of your home.

When it comes to buying a ductless air conditioner of any sort, you can find options at practically any appliance retailer.  But if you don’t plan on self installation you may want to go with a professional service.  This way you can buy your ductless air conditioner, and have it professionally installed through the same company.