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Air Conditioner Window Units

Air conditioning units. Wall, portable, Trane, and more information.

Buying air conditioner window units can be a great, and inexpensive way to really keep your home cool, no matter how hot the weather may be during the summer.  Typically only costing a few hundred dollars for a quality unit, they are great ways to ensure you don’t have to worry about the humidity when you’re trying to cool off indoors.  There are also a wide variety of air conditioner window units on the market, so you’ll want to choose the perfect type that’s specific to the room in which it will be installed.  This is important, as this type of conditioner comes in all different sizes.

The main thing will be choosing the right air conditioner window units for you, based upon your energy cost concerns, as well as the size of the room itself.  So your first task, before going to the store to shop for air conditioners, will be to measure the room in which the unit will be placed.  This is important, as different types of conditioners are used for different sizes of room.  You’ll want to measure about how large the entire room is with a rough estimate of square feet.  This way you have the information you need, so you can seek out the perfect air conditioner window units for you.

Having that square feet measurement is important, so that you can figure out the exact number of BTUs you need your air conditioner window units to feature.  BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and is the form of measurement for how effectively any given air conditioner can cool a room.  They start at 5,000, and that will successfully cover about 150 square feet.  So you’ll want to adjust the correct about of BTUs based upon the size of your room.  Typically, you’ll want to go up a thousand for every hundred feet above the starting point of 150, to ensure you get appropriate coverage for the whole room.

Another important factor, is picking air conditioner window units with an appropriately high SEER rating.  SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating, and this will determine how much energy the unit requires in order to cool your room.  The lower the SEER rating, the more energy that the air conditioner window units will use up, in order to remain active.  This means they will cost you more money, and also pollute the environment more.  For this reason you want to pick one with a high SEER rating, and avoid those that have no SEER rating at all.

When you’re looking to buy air conditioner window units, you can find great options practically anywhere.  Almost every department store features a variety of choices, and you can find what you need at common retailers like Walmart and Target.  But you can also go to an appliance retailer like Sears or Best Buy for larger air conditioner window units.  Typically you can expect to pay as low as $200 for a basic small unit, while the bigger and more deluxe versions can be closer to the $1,000 region.